Handling a Dispute on Your Credit Report

Fannie Mae is no longer allowing any credit report items to contain a “dispute”. If you are thinking of purchasing a home or refinancing, and have a ‘disputed’ item on your credit report, please follow these general guidelines. If the consumer initiated the original...

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Improving Your Credit Score

The most widely used credit scores are FICO scores, which were developed by Fair Isaac & Company, Inc. (and they're named after their inventor.) Your FICO score is between 350 (high risk) and 850 (low risk). Past delinquencies, derogatory payment behavior, current...

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Holding Title

Before you reach the closing day on your home purchase, you will want to make a decision as to how you will "hold title" to the property. This decision has legal, tax and estate planning ramifications. Therefore, it may be prudent to consult an attorney or certified...

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Closing Costs

The Good Faith Estimate is a document that you will receive notifying you of estimated fees in obtaining a new mortgage. Fees are classified into two categories: non-recurring closing costs and recurring closing costs. The estimates given for the non-recurring closing...

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