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  • written on 04-28-2016


    We are very happy to introduce and welcome Lynette Coleman to our CHM community.  Lynette is a wonderfully seasoned mortgage advisor joining Zachary Taylor down in our newly opened Encinitas, California branch.  She and Zach are a fabulous team and great friends.  From the first time meeting Lynette through many more encounters these past 2 months, I’m struck by Lynette’s infectious smile, high energy and overall kindness.  She is a true professional with a wealth of mortgage industry knowledge.  If you have the opportunity, get to know Lynette.  She and Zach will not only get your home financing needs taken care of quickly, you will enjoy the process!


    5 Things Lynette Can’t Live Without:

    1. Family – my handsome, supporting and loving husband Jim and beautiful daughter Sheena (31)
    2. Friends, activities and socializing
    3. Travel
    4. Sports & physical activity – gym or outdoor workouts, hiking, bike riding…
    5. Sprouts grocery store


    5 Things To Know About Lynette:

    1. Loves primitive camping & off-roading – remote, no facilities, just nature…
    2. Loves to shop at thrift and second hand stores for unusual items and of course bargains.
    3. Guys’ girl: would rather hang out with the guys* enjoying a cold one, watching football, hockey, soccer, basketball, than do girl stuff. :)
    4. Avid crafter: sews, knits, crochets, makes jewelry etc.
    5. Loves Sports Radio!

    Welcome Lynette to Commerce Home Mortgage San Diego!
    We are so happy you joined us.