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Every Borrower is Different.
Why Settle for a One-Size-Fits-All Loan?

Commerce Home Mortgage offers traditional and non-traditional mortgages to a diverse range of borrowers, each with their own set of needs and expectations. Borrowers who seek traditional mortgages and meet the qualifying requirements will find everything from VA loans to conventional mortgages with excellent low rates. If strict qualifying requirements become a barrier, our non-traditional loans give deserving buyers alternative ways to qualify.

As a proud Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), we help all kinds of people buy or refinance their homes. Commerce Home Mortgages offers more flexible mortgage options than typical private lenders, making the dream of homeownership a reality for more families.


Traditional or conventional loans have a typical set of required documents and set standards in order for the borrower to qualify for the mortgage. These loans suit many buyers with income from a job, savings for a down payment, and other criteria. Commerce Home Mortgage loan officers help buyers choose the right mortgage for their financial needs.

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A non-traditional mortgage doesn’t conform to more traditional or conventional documentation requirements, for example. Non-traditional mortgages can be a good choice for retired people, self-employed, business owners, and investors. Commerce Home Mortgage believes in the value of home ownership. We developed a suite of Portfolio Products to serve unique buyers.

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Every Borrower Is Different.
Which One are You?

Conventional Loan

“I am a first-time homebuyer with good credit, a down payment and want the best loan rates and terms.”

VA Loan

“I’m a military veteran or in active service and want to buy or refinance.”

Jumbo Loan

“I want to buy in a high-priced area or purchase a home that’s priced above the conforming limit.”

Reverse Loan

“I’m a homeowner over 62 who wants access to cash – and no mortgage payment.”