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John Lillywhite


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I’M A VETERAN MORTGAGE BANKER and SPEAKER / EDUCATOR with unrivaled ethics and a solid moral compass. My clients return to me — and refer me — because they know I create mortgage solutions that stand up to time and their personal home-ownership goals.

WHY use me instead of other Mortgage professionals? Because I have a purpose that is far larger than the service I provide, and that is my “why.” It’s about leaving a world-friendly “footprint.” I take care of my family, myself and the planet upon which I live. You are an extension of my “why,” and taking care of you simply comes naturally.

For the most part, providing the basic mortgage services is not rocket science. It’s all about guidelines. Follow the rules and that’s it. BUT, there’s the emotional side that cannot be trained.

TO MY REAL ESTATE AGENT PROFESSIONALS: Agents return to me because I simplify the transaction. I communicate always. I am always accessible. I don’t make excuses. I keep borrowers happy, and I ensure you remain strongly referable to them for future business. I am a master marketing and networking resource for you and know what it takes to increase your business. Let me show you what I can do for you. You’ll not be disappointed.

In my spare time I volunteer to help strengthen my local small business community, and work with local schools to help establish fitness and life-skill disciplines.