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FHA Pricing is Looking Great!

By W. Todd Galde

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FHA Rates are Looking Great!

We know that FHA-insured mortgages tend to offer the lowest par rates in the marketplace. Now with FHA rates on a downward tear over the last few weeks we are currently sitting at the best levels in over a month!

Just how good are rates currently? In some higher cost areas (for a Purchase at 96.5%), Par rates as low as 3.75% are currently on the table! That is 3.75% with no points! In most other MSA’s for the same scenario the prevailing FHA par rate is around 4%.

Thinking about cash-out but worried about the adjustments? Don’t be! Most FHA scenarios do not feature any LLPA’s for Cash-Out – meaning the aforementioned par rates are available with cash-in-hand (up to 85% LTV).

Curious about High Balance FHA pricing? Most scenarios will only equate to a 0.125% increase (to the rate) vs. the conforming pricing scenarios above.

Right about now someone out there is mumbling about FHA Insurance premiums. Yes, FHA mortgage insurance is not attractive – but did you know that in some cases the FHA annual insurance does not apply for the entire life of the loan?

When a FHA loan is closed with LTV of <90% or less, the annual MIP is only required until the end of the mortgage term, OR for the first 11 years of the mortgage term, whichever occurs first.

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