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Advising. Smart. Financing.
This simple statement anchors our business and guides everything we do for our clients. Advising smart financing is what the team is all about. It shapes our approach, informs our actions, and aligns our efforts.

Are we guiding you to the best solution? Are we listening to your needs and wants? Are we considering your “sleep factor”, that monthly payment that allows you and your spouse to sleep soundly at night? Are we taking in to account your long-term financial goals and aspirations… YES.

Are we calculating the numbers correctly? Are we following the market on your behalf, watching the ebbs and flows of interest rates? Are we providing Total Cost Analysis projections tailored to your specific situation and your financial state? Are we on top of underwriting requirements, guidelines and procedures, confirming that you are truly approved for a mortgage? Do we meet deadlines, close of escrows and contingencies… YES.

Do we have an innovative array of residential financing options? Are we are direct lender, delegated to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae and many Jumbo investors like Chase, Wells Fargo and others? Do we have answers for 1st-time home buyers, foreign nationals, buyers who need to renovate, low FICO scores, high DTI ratios, Non-QM, 1st/2nd purchase combo solutions…YES.

Your advisor for life,
Todd Galde

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Recent Posts

  • by W. Todd Galde
    May 22, 2017

    Real Estate Commissions for Down Payment or Credits?

    Are you a Real Estate professional looking to buy a home?

    Did You Know that for Conventional transactions, Real Estate Commissions may be used towards the down payment or closing costs?

    Please read below for details on how each situation is treated.


    Real Estate Commissions for Down Payment:

    If the borrower is a real estate professional and is receiving commission income from the subject property transaction, the borrower may utilize the commission for any down payment and for any required funds to close. Note that commission funds cannot be used to meet any necessary reserve requirements.

    If commission earnings from the borrower are used for down payment, the following items are mandatory:

    • The borrower must be a licensed real estate agent
    • The purchase contract must clearly show the borrower as the buyer’s agent
    • The borrower may not act as both the selling agent and the buying agent
    • The HUD-1 Settlement Statement must indicate a credit to the borrower as the agent
    • The amount of the credit may not exceed the commission stated on the purchase contract


    Real Estate Commissions for Closing Costs:

    When the commission is applied towards borrower closing costs the amount of the contribution would be subject to Interested Party Contribution (IPC) limitations as a percentage of the sales price, as follows:

    • If the purchase is Primary or Second Home and the loan-to-value is at or below 75% the max contribution is 9%.
    • If the purchase is Primary or Second Home and the loan-to-value is between 75% and 90% loan-to-value the max contribution is 6%.
    • If the purchase is Primary or Second Home and the loan-to-value is above 90% then the maximum contribution is 3%.
    • If the purchase is for an Investment property then the the maximum allowed is 2%.

    Note: Any amount paid to the buyer in excess of the above percent or the actual closing costs and pre-paids will be considered a sales concession. The excess amount is considered a sales concession and will be deducted from the sale price and LTV/CLTV/HCLTV will be recalculated.

    Advising. Smart. Financing.


    Todd Galde